FAFSA Information

What is FAFSA?

The Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) is a simple form that can be filled out by current and prospective students to determine whether or not they are eligible for financial aid. The FAFSA can tell you which specific loans you qualify for, based on your financial circumstances.

A key to getting aid is applying early.

As a transfer student, you may find initial financing by filling out your FAFSA now. Easily apply for federal student aid online using the UCCS FAFSA Code (004509). This application must be completed by the priority deadline of March 1 of each academic year.


Helpful steps for completing your FAFSA

FAFSA Application Guidelines
Use the FAFSA website and FAQ as your guide
Completing your FAFSA
Important points for current and prospective UCCS students
Avoid FAFSA errors
Common mistakes can delay your application and eligibility for aid
FAFSA Best Practices
These helpful hints will make your FAFSA application easier